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B-Roll Footage

B-roll Footage for Broadcasters
Pierre-Etienne Franc (Air Liquide) on fuel cell technology: B-Roll
Maxim Nohroudi (ally) interview: B-Roll
Robert Goodwill (British Minister of State for Transport): B-Roll
Peter Mann on the "Bristol Method" for sustainable transport: B-Roll
Vincent Kobesen (PTV Group) interview: B-Roll
Arkhom Termpittayapaisith (Thailand): B-Roll
Alejandro Agag on Formula-e green mobility: B-Roll
Christian Labrot (International Road Transport Union) interview: B-Roll
Carlos Navas (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking): B-Roll
Jean Todt on Formula E: B-Roll
Miller Crockart (PTV Group): B-Roll
Themba Tenza (South Africa) on research development: B-Roll
Aziz Rabbah (Morocco) on COP22 (in French): B-Roll
Stephen Cotton (International Transport Workers' Federation) interview: B-Roll
Jane Hupe (ICAO): B-Roll
Decarbonising Transport VIP Lunch: B-Roll
Alexander Dobrindt (Germany) and Maxim Nohroudi (ally) statement (in German): B-Roll
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (International Union of Railways): B-Roll
Family Photo: B-Roll
Monir Moniruzzaman (ITF Young Researcher of the Year 2016): B-Roll
Cornie Huizenga (SLoCaT) interview: B-Roll
Congress Centre footage: B-Roll
Yuriria Mascott Pérez (Mexico) interview: B-Roll
Dean Zabrieszach (ITS Australia): B-Roll
Day 3 Highlights: B-Roll
Formula E demo lap with Jean Todt and José Viegas
Laurent Troger (Bombardier) on sustainable urban planning: B-Rol
Mirjam Borsboom (Dutch Cycling Embassy): B-Roll
Philippe Crist on Uber in Hungary: B-Roll
Congress Centre Leipzig footage
Scott Sedlik (INRIX) interview: B-Roll
Pex Langenberg (Rotterdam): B-Roll
Jo Bertram (Uber) on ride sharing: B-Roll
Hans-Christian Schmidt (Denmark) on cycling: B-Roll
Mahdi Mekic (NXP) on smart cities: B-Roll
Michael Bültmann (HERE Berlin): B-Roll
Day 1 Highlights: B-Roll
Tony Tyler (IATA) interview: B-Roll
Marina Chrysoveloni (Greece - in Greek): B-Roll
Colin Hughes (ITPD): B-Roll
Day 2 Highlights: B-Roll
Kitack Lim (IMO) interview
Angela Gittens (Airports Council International): B-Roll
Walter Niewöhner (DEKRA): B-Roll
José Viegas interview on 2016 Summit kick off: B-Roll
Guillermo Dietrich (Argentina) interview
Claus Klitholm (European Investment Bank): B-Roll
Yvo de Boer (Global Green Growth Institute): B-Roll
Philippe Crist on regulation for-hire services: B-Roll
Gabriela Ramos on decarbonisation and diversity
Karina Rigby (Siemens Mobility): B-Roll
Timothy Papandreou (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) on innovating and big data: B-Roll
Robin Chase on shared urban transport: B-Roll
Marc Garneau (Canada) interview: B-Roll
Oscar de Buen Richkarday (World Road Association): B-Roll
Burkhard Jung (Mayor of Leipzig) interview: B-Roll