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Fuel Cells and Hydrogen joint Undertaking (FCH JU)

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen technologies have great potential to decarbonise road transportation and diversify energy supplies. As they are ready for the market, a last push from public and private partners is necessary to facilitate their deployment.

It is on the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen joint Undertaking platform that this joint effort occurs in Europe. The FCH JU is a unique public-private partnership between the European Commission, Europe's FCH industry and research organisations, aiming at accelerating the market introduction of these technologies. It is also a funding agency, supporting R&D and Demonstration projects in transport and energy.

The FCH JU currently supports 19 demonstration projects with some 500 cars, 65 buses and 400 forklifts, together with at least 40 hydrogen refuelling stations throughout Europe.

Fuelled by hydrogen, fuel cell electric vehicles are comparable to internal combustion engine vehicles in terms of range, performance and refuelling times, while offering the advantages of electric vehicles: zero tailpipe emissions, reduced noise and vibration levels and high passenger comfort.

Pierre-Etienne Franc (Air Liquide) on fuel cell technology