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ITF Corporate Partnership Board meeting
Oxygen is the new mobility: Side Event
ITF Breakfast Session: The future of transport
Summit wrap-up for media
The power of choice: How is travel demand shaping cities?
Inclusive urban transport planning for more equitable growth
Business and government for smarter freight
Cycling as an important part of sustainable mobility
Launch of Corporate Partnership Board Publications: ITF Open Stage Café
What the transport sector is doing to deliver on the COP21 climate change agreement
Stream – Digitalisation of the Road and the Beginning of Vehicle2Infrastructure: ITF Open Stage Café
Reducing air and noise pollution in cities
Public Transport in Apple Maps: ITF Open Stage Café
Fuel efficiency in 2016 and beyond: Side Event
Aviation’s Climate Action: Counting down to the world’s first global offsetting scheme: ITF Open Stage Café
Ministers' Roundtable: Preparing for major disruptions to transport systems
WBCSD Sustainable Mobility: A fact based and collaborative approach for integrated urban mobility: ITF Open Stage Café
Innovation for greening aviation
Inclusive transport planning for low density rural areas
Increased safety for unprotected road users: Side Event
Plenary: Infrastructure renewal for greener and more inclusive transport
Meet the 2016 ITF Transport Achievement Award Winners: ITF Open Stage Café
Gala Dinner including the ITF Transport Awards Ceremony
Transport Innovation Talks
Transport Start-up Hub: ITF Open Stage Café
Day 2 - Morning Media Briefing
Ministers' tour of the exhibition 2016
The digital revolution and the transport labour market
Presidency Reception: Hosted by the Danish Minister
Safe and Sound Report: ITF Open Stage Café
Creating the liveable, inclusive and healthy city: Side Event
Ministers' Roundtable: Automated and connected driving and data issues: Big data in the digital age
Innovation for greening maritime transport
Measuring the socio-economic benefits of public transport
Women in transport: The road to diversity
New approaches to urban freight delivery
Formula E electric race car demonstration - Media Event
Opening Plenary: The transport we want: Green, efficient and inclusive
ITF Masterclass: The future of the car
ITF Transport Outlook: Scenarios to 2050
From the gateway to the front door: How to improve hinterland supply chains
The path beyond Paris: Paving a low-carbon future for transport: Ministers' Roundtable
Children's University (KUNI) 2016
App-based ride and taxi services: How should governments regulate? Media Event
Decent work for green and inclusive transport: Side Event