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UIC International Union of Railways

The International Union of Railways (UIC) is the worldwide professional association representing the rail sector. UIC currently counts 240 members on all 5 continents. Its mandate is to promote the growth of rail transport across the world and to encourage and organise international cooperation between its members. UIC’s technical departments draw their lead from the strategies defined by the members of its specialist forums and platforms, and steer or coordinate a total of circa 200 projects in the field of international cooperation, covering all aspects of rail activities: rail system technology, passenger and freight transport, research, safety and security, sustainable development and the development of skills and expertise.

A significant share of UIC’s work consists of strengthening the coherence of the rail system as a whole and its international interoperability in developing international railway standards, as well as boosting the competitiveness of both passenger and freight transport services. The aim is to enable rail transport to meet all current and future challenges of mobility and sustainable development in liaison with all leading international organisations.